Grow It Bio™ Fruit is plant based organic fertilizer blend designed for small and large fruit, but also for flowers in general.


Sprinkling 1.5kg of pellets on your soil will slowly release as much nutrients as 900l of seaweed feed



-       Certified Organic
-       Rich in Potash, Trace elements and Vitamins
-       Feed up to 3 months
-       Improves soil structure
-       Promote soil microbiome
-       Attract earthworms
-       Safe for kids, pets and wildlife

-       100% Plant based (Vegan friendly)



Small fruit and shrubs: 100-150 g/sqm annually 

Trees: 150-200 g/sqm annually 

Pots: 100g per 20l every 3 months in growing season

Organic Fruit feed 1.5kg

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