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Our roots

Grow It Bio Ltd is family run Irish company based in Scurlogstown Co.Meath, established in 2017 by Tomas, Monika and Marian Novak to manufacture organic plant feeds and soil conditioners and to promote organic growing.

Based on knowledge passed down in family for generations traced back to Czechoslovakia when food self-sufficiency was standard, we have developed a range of organic plant feeds that are certified by Irish Organic Association License number 7616. 

Feed your soil and you will have healthy plants.

We also created Facebook group dedicated to share knowledge to create healthy gardens: Organic Gardening Ireland


Over the years our business evolved and now we offer range of products that match our eco-ethos and sustainability. Growing organically, feeding birds and sowing Irish native wildflowers are all small ways that we can connect to nature, support biodiversity and our mental health too.

In December 2021we started initiative to plant 1 native tree for every order we receive. You can follow our planting update in our Tree planting blog.


"Nature will survive without humans, but humans will not survive without nature"

Happy and Healthy Gardening


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