grow it bio

Bio Story

Grow It Bio ltd is family owned Irish company based in Scurlogstown, County Meath. Organic growing principles were used in our family for generations traced all the way back to former Czechoslovakia. Based on this knowledge we have developed products that makes gardening easier, healthier and sustainable. Our organic plant feed products are manufactured in Ireland but we also use Irish raw ingredients, organic waste and by-products that are naturally rich in nutrients and vitamins.

grow it bio

Bio Products

Grow It Bio™ fertilizer blends are made from mix of organic plant matter. Granules are naturally rich in nutrients, trace elements and vitamins, improve soil structure, promote microbiological life of your soil and attract earthworms. Every 1.5 kg of Grow It Bio™ granules will provide as much nutrients as 900l of liquid seaweed, and organic matter that improve your soil condition. As a result you will get enriched soil, healthier plants and higher yield. Thanks to our slow release formula plant have access to nutrients for longer. Our products are certified as Organic by Irish Organic Association, licence number 7616.

grow it bio

Learnings from Nature

There are many principles in organic growing but first and most important lesson is that plant nutrient requirements are more complex than NPK. Trace elements, soil structure and microorganisms play even more important role in creating healthy eco-system for plants. Backed by organic growing experience we have developed balanced plant food range that address all three areas. Organic matter provided by our fertilizers not only improve soil structure but also promote microbiological life in the soil. Below you can see various nutrients that our products provide and their benefits (quantities of individual elements will differ depending on product):

  • Nitrogen (N) for stem and leaf growth

  • Phosphorus (P) for root growth and vitality

  • Potassium (K) for strong healthy flowers & fruit

  • Calcium (Ca) improves soil structure and neutralize toxic materials

  • Magnesium (Mg) process sunlight

  • Sulphur (S) produce proteins, amino acids, enzymes and vitamins

  • Boron (B) control the transport of sugars and seed development

  • Copper (Cu) activates enzymes and for photosynthesis

  • Iron (Fe) and Zinc (Zn) produce chlorophyll

  • Manganese (Mn) for healthy growth, chloroplast formation, photosynthesis and nitrogen metabolism