Grow It Bio™ Multipurpose feed is plant based organic fertilizer blend designed for whole garden. 


Sprinkling 1.5kg of pellets on your soil will slowly release as much nutrients as 900l of seaweed feed




-       Certified Organic
-       Rich in Trace elements and Vitamins
-       Slow release
-       Improves soil structure
-       Promote soil microbiome
-       Attract earthworms
-       Safe for kids, pets and wildlife
-       Plant based



Lawn: 50 g/m2 in spring and autumn

Flowers: 75 g/m2annually

Vegetables & soft fruit: 50-100g/m2 every 2-3 months during growing season

Bushes & trees: 50-100g per plant in spring

Pots: 50g per 20l every 2-3 months during growing season


Coverage around 200 sqm.

Organic Multipurpose feed 10kg

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