1x Native Tree for every purchase

Ever since I remember I have been fascinated with trees and nature. Climbing apple trees in grandparents garden munching on apples, long forest walks foraging for mushrooms and many holidays spent wild camping in Slovakia. Ireland has also strong historical connection with trees, through Ancient Celtic Ogham Tree Alphabet and Brehon law, was once covered by ancient forests.

Unfortunately Ireland has one of the lowest forest coverage area out of EU countries (only 11% compared to 37.7% of total land mass). So we decided to start new initiative and plant 1x Native tree for every order starting December 2021. We work with Tidy towns, nature reserves and council to find suitable planting locations and we will regularly update on the planting in our blog

How you can help? You can order any of our products, share or recommend our business, donate or contact us to volunteer for tree planting.

Let make Ireland greener 1 tree at a time. Thank you